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   9/11 Terrorist Gets Life


An American jury spurned a death penalty plea by the US Government to grant life sentence to the only plotter of the September 11 terrorist incident to be caught alive. Zacharias Moussaoui arrested and charged with conspiracy to fly a 5th plane into the White House walked away jubilant crying “America, you lost! I won.” 

Prosecutors expected a slam-dunk case since Moussaoui had extensively boasted of his links with the al Qaeda, his role in the event, and what he was intending to do. Prosecution argued that Moussaoui taking money from the al Qaeda, taking flying lessons, and also accepting instructions from the al Qaeda equal culpability. However, the jury disagreed and found that his role in the event was small, he did not know much about the big picture, and that he did not actually commit the crime. 

US President George Bush was more somber saying that he “got a fair trial” and that the jury “spared his life, which is something that he evidently wasn’t willing to do for innocent American citizens.”.

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