India Intelligence Report

China Opposed to India’s UNSC bid 


China has said that it is opposed to India’s inclusion in the United Nations Security Council as a so-called permanent member ostensibly because of India’s association with Japan through the G-4 initiative. The G-4 countries include India, Japan, Germany, and Brazil. China’s Ambassador to the UN Sun said “we are opposed to Japan’s bid as it has not adopted correct attitude to historic issues.” Speaking at the “Emerging Trends in Sino-Indian relations” seminar, He clarified further saying that “if we let the G-4 plan proceed, there is danger than in the end Japan will be in and India out. This is the worst scenario we want to see. We would like to have the situation the other way round.”

This would seem as if China may support India’s bid to the UNSC if it were to go it alone but its strenuous activities along with African nations to stop the G-4 bid is confusing. Even after Japan moved away from the G-4, some say because of US advice, China never volunteered to support India even though India had, in mistaken magnanimous stupor, supported China’s candidature several decades ago. 


Even on the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal, China has stopped way short thus making it harder for the US to influence the Nuclear Suppliers Group to approve the deal and pave way to supply nuclear fuel and technology to India. China has said that no deal should weaken the international nuclear non-proliferation regime when it is the largest proliferator in the world. In any event, the US President George Bush is expected to take up this issue with Chinese President Hu Jintao during his visit to Washington this week. China is worried that better Indo-US and Indo-Japanese relations will affect the tone, quality, and tenor of Indo-Sino relations.

The Chinese remarks on the UN seat issue comes at a point when Defense Minister Pranab Mukherjee will be visiting China in the near future to further Indo-Sino relations during the so-called “Friendship Year” between the two nations. The two nations will discuss the entire gamut of relations.