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Two Doctors Testing Fetal Sex Convicted


For the first time, two doctors who tested the sex of the child in the fetus of the mother have been convicted for violating the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Technique Regulation & Prevention of Misuse Act, 1994. The Act was promulgated to ban the testing of sex babies in fetuses because parents were increasingly aborting female babies either in preference to boys or because they already have a boy.

The issue of female infanticide has seen the estimated death of 5 million babies greatly affecting sex ratios in societies. Although the numbers in India are not as bad as those in China [insert China news analysis], the shock of dwindling sex ratios have caused large imbalances. While the law itself was brought into force some 12 years ago, this is the first conviction.

Haryana and Punjab have the worst sex ratios in the country. Delhi has the dubious honor of being the third worst.


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