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Monday June 26,  2006


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From June 20, 2006 to June 26,  2006

Learning To Live

By and large, we all lead mechanical lives. We simply exist because we are alive. But, to enjoy life,

we should take efforts to learn how to live.

Code That Protects

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna states that when standards of Dharma fall, He would incarnate to

re-establish its primacy and protect the virtuous and saintly.

Model Messenger

A messenger's role is well defined and illustrated in the Puranas and Itihasas which contain accounts

of many messengers (animals, birds or even a cloud could become . . .

Waxing Eloquent

Waxes and pigments and the amalgam make for art too

Hallmark Of Devotion

If the Supreme Being incarnates from time to time to protect Dharma and destroy those who

transgress its code, preceptors have been responsible for propagating Dharma through their

explanations and interpretations of the recondite Vedas that assert . . .

Feeling Low

Nobody likes misery. Why not analyse yourself next time you are in a mood? You will see how you are

willingly, wilfully making yourself miserable.

Prints And Imprints

An exhibition by two printmakers trained in Santiniketan offers nicely done but uneven works

Progress Of Bhakti

That Bhakti and Jnana are indispensable for salvation is stressed in the scriptures.

Effort & Achievement

If we do not make an effort, we think we shall stagnate. We have an idea about the goal towards

which we are constantly striving; and this striving has become part of our life...

Search For Peace

True knowledge is that which is gained when one internalises one's ideas, views and assessments of

the world and life, and one's relationship with these and the Supreme Being.

Life On The Border

Punjab's border villages abound in historical monuments which cry out forconservation. -

When Rock Came To Visit The Hills

It took a white man to bring rock to the hills of Garhwal. Prem Paul Ninan finds out more about the

tourist who stayed...

Bonalu Bonanza

The century-old tradition of Bonalu is celebrated with colour, gaiety and devotional fervour in

Telengana, claims S K Prasad Puttur

Beauty In Stone

A visit to the French cathedrals leaves one wondering at the artistry and engineering skills that were

pooled to create these spiritual abodes.

Art Of The Royals

The palace of the former rulers of Ramanathapuram still displays vestiges of regal splendour.

The Heart Of Stillness

The 16th and 17th centuries, dominated by Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer, saw the emergence of

a very different art form, the still life. How did this come about?

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