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Monday, November 13, 2006


South Indian Inscriptions



This volume in the South Indian Inscriptions Series deals with 799 epigraphs copied during the year 1908-09.  Most of the records included in it are in Tamil and Telugu.  In editing them, I have received valuable assistance primarily from Dr. C. R. Srinivasan, Senior Epigraphical Assistant of my office Shri K. G. Krishnan, Superintending Epigraphist for Dravidian Inscriptions was kind enough to help me in dealing with the Vatteluttu inscriptions.  Similarly I was helped by Dr. S. S. Ramachandramurthy, Epigraphical Assistant, in dealing with the Telugu inscriptions. Dr. M. D. Sampath, Deputy Superintending Epigraphist for Dravidian Inscriptions, helped me in examining the Kannada and Telugu records included here as well as in the preparation of the Introduction.  I am thankful to all of them for their help.

The introduction briefly deals with the historical importance of the records in relation of recent discoveries and studies in the field of Indian Epigraphy. 

It is hoped that this volume will be as welcome to scholars interested in various aspects of South Indian history as the previous volumes of the series have been. 


MYSORE-570005,                                             P. R. SRINIVASAN,       

15th June 1978.                                                   Chief Epigraphist. 

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