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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


South Indian Inscriptions


Inscriptions of the Ranganathasvamy Temple, Srirangam


Prataparudradeva Maharaja

 No. 283 (Page No. 301)

(A. R. No. 79 of 1938-39)

South wall of the Chandana-Mandapa

Damaged. Appears to register some gift (details lost) by Devari-Nayaningaru, son of Machaya Nayaningaru,  whose achievements against the Pancha Pandya and Kerala Kulasekhara etc. in his southern expedition are enumerated. Devari-Nayaka is described as the Nayaka of King Pratapa- rudradeva-Maharaja and is given the epithets Kakataraya-sthapanacharya and Svamidrohara-ganda.

The record is in Telugu language engraved in Grantha characters. The details of date namely Saka 1239, ( in words), Pingala, Chaitra su. 14, Monday, lunar eclipse, regularly correspond to A.D. 1317, March 28, Monday.

Published in Epigraphic Indica, Vol. XXVII., pp. 304. ff.




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