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Saturday, September 23, 2006


South Indian Inscriptions





No. 113 (Page No 77)

(A. R. No. 113 of 1907)

Kallidaikkurichchi, Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli District

Kulasekharamudaiyar temple --- on the wall at the entrance 

This dated in saka 1480, Kollam 73[4], Purattadi 3, su.1, Fridya, Uttirattadi, corresponding probably to A.D.1558, September 2 (but it was ba. 4, Bharani), without any reference to the reining king of the period (Sadasivaraya). It registers an order of Virappa-Nayakar-Ayyan evidently a petty ruler of this region, communicated to Kurukularayar the maniyam of Kalladaikkurichchi and its environs and to the nattar (assembly). Exempting the masons and the carpenters of Anjupati (1it. Five places) from the payment of the taxes vari and irai  (probably due on their profession and income). This Virappa-Nayaka seems to be different from his namesaka the son of the Madura Nayaka chief Visvanatha-Krishnappa mentioned in No.35 of 1908 dated in saka 1505.

No. 470 (Page No 349)

(A. R. No. 470 of 1907)  

Periyakottai, Palani Taluk, Madurai District

Kadali-Narasimha-Perumal temple – on the north, west and south walls 

This is dated in the cyclic year Jaya and Chittirai 5, and introduces some chief by name Virappa-Nayakkarayyan with the grandiloquent Vijayanagara titles Mahamandalesvara etc., and caliming to have extracted tribune from every country.  His agent, Nayinatta-Nayakkar, son of Dasiri-Nayakkar and grandson of Chinnappa-Nayakkar of Virupatshi in Anda-nadu is said to have constructed the temple of Kadirinatha-Perumal, dug a tank and given 4 ma of land irrigated by this tank for the upkeep of the temple, He also endowed lands for the maintenance of twelve Brahmanas (doing worship therein) and 3 other persons for other services.


No. 404 (Page No 307)

(A. R. No. 404 of 1907)  

Perungarunai, Mudukulattur Taluk, Ramnad District

Varadaraja-Perumal Temple – on the door-post

Of the mandapa in front, right of entrance 

This is a fragmentary Grantha inscription probably recording some gift, made by the Madurai Nayaka Chief Krishna-Bhupa, son of Vira Bhupa on the day of Amavasya in Makara month of the cyclic year Manmatha which would correspond to Saka 1517 (A.D. 1595-96).


No. 122 (Page No 86)

(A. R. No. 121 of 1907)

Alvarkurichchi, Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli District

vanniyappar temple --- on a stone set up the entrance into the eastern gopura, left side 

This is dated on saka 1532, Kollam 787, (= A.D.1610), Chittirai, ba, 10, Wednesday, Satabhishaj. It registers an agreement of Timmappa-Mudaliyar, Kumarasvami-Mudaliyar, the merchants and the Nattavar of Pappangulam making over certain incomes derived by them I their division (maganai), permanently for the conduct of a festival in the temple of Tiruvannisuramudaiya-Tambiranar situated on the bank of the Vannitirthan (tank), for the merit of Muttu-Virappa-Nayakar (of Madura), and of Sevvandi-Settiyar son of Murtti-Settiyar. This Sevvandi-Seittyar was evidently a local administrative officer under the chief. 

No. 123 (Page No 88)

(A. R. No. 123 of 1907)

Alvarkurichchi, Ambasamudram Taluk, Tirunelveli District

vanniyappar temple --- on a stone set up the entrance into the west gopura, left side 

This is dated in saka 1534, Kollam 788, Paridhavi Arpasi, ba. 2, Asvati (A.D. 1612, October 1). It registers an agreement similar to that mentioned above (in No.122) given by Sinnattai-Mudaliyar and some others representing the Nattavar of Alvarkurichchi, Puttur, Anbur and Kadaiyam making over as sarvamanya, a gift of what is called the poruppu (responsibility or supervision ?) of the income on all the lands in their maganai, for the expenses of the festival in the temple, for the merit of the same chief and officer.

Queen Mangammal (Chokkanatha's queen)

No. 394 (Page No 295)

(A. R. No. 394 of 1907)

Maruttuvakkudi, Kumbhakonam Taluk, Tanjavur District

On the stone set up on the bank of the Uyyakkondan

Channel near the surplus sluice

Mangamma, queen of Chokkanatha, son of Visvanatha

Saka 1626 : 1704-05 A.D. 

This is a Telugu inscription recording the construction of the sluice (kalingulu)by a brother (name lost) of Dalavayi Narasappaya and son of Timmappaya of Bharadvaja-gotra and Asvalayana-sutra, who was himself a son of Rachappayamatya alias Hiranyaya.

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