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Saturday, September 23, 2006


South Indian Inscriptions




Kandan Kuttan

No. 471 (Page No 350)

(A. R. No. 471 of 1907)  

Periyakottai, Palani Taluk, Madurai District

Kadai Narasimha-Perumal temple – on a boulder to the north

Kanda[ku]ttan:  year 2+1+1 

This is a damaged inscription in Vatteluttu. It records some provision made by one Brahmasrirajan for burning a lamp in the temple of Bhatara and probably for offerings and worship on festival days and for a lamp in a shrine of the goddess (?) The sabha of the place seems to have taken this responsibility.


No. 420 (Page No 319)

(A. R. No. 420 of 1907)  

Gudalur, Dindugal Taluk, Madurai District

Alagiri Perumal temple – on a slab set up in the premises

Kulasekharapperumal :  Saka 1591, Kollam 844, Kilaka,

Avani 9, Sunday su. 12, Uttiradam (A.D. 1668, August 9) 

This registers an endowment of land at Gudalur by the king for worship in the temples of Mangaladeviyamman Alagarkoyil Vanmikanathasvami, Sasta at Periyaru with Brahmana-feeding, Sasta at Punaiyaru, Bhagavati at Nadaikkal and for a feeding house at Ettumanallur exclusive of the land given to one Nedumakkal Panikkar for his maintenance. Towards the end of the inscription are incised the following figures: two strung bows, a mace, a sheaf cutter, a chakra, a lamp-stand, a man with tufted hair bending towards it and holding a Kamndalau by the right hand and an umbrella by the left. 


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