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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


South Indian Inscriptions




The earlier volumes of the South Indian Inscriptions Series, which contain the texts of a large number of Tamil, Telugu and Kannada inscriptions have been long out of print and many academic institutions of recent origin keenly feel the absence of these very important volumes and make them available to the world of scholars.  Volume XIX is the 16th of this Reprint Series and will be followed in quick succession by the subsequent ones.

I acknowledge my thanks to Shri J.C. Gupta, Production Officer, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi for the planning and speedy execution of the printing of this volume.

K. V. Ramesh

Director (Epigraphy)



The present volume (Vol. XIX) of the South Indian Inscriptions (Series) follows the same plan as adopted in some of the previous volumes of the series such as Vols. XII-XIV.  It contains the Tamil inscriptions of the Chola kings entitled Parakesarivarman, which were copied by the Department between 1904 and 1935, just as Volume XIII of the series contains inscriptions of the Chola kings called Rajakesarivarman.

The inscriptions have been arranged in the order of the regnal years quoted, irrespective of the identity of the kings to whom the dates have to be referred.   The undated epigraphs as well as those with the date portions damaged or illegible have been relegated to the end.  In the introductory remarks, prefixed to the text of each record, as well as in the general introduction, the editor has made an attempt to assign such epigraphs to particular kings of the Chola dynasty.

It is hoped that the volume will be useful to the students of South Indian history and epigraphy as well as of the Tamil language.

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