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Friday, January 27, 2006

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South Indian Inscriptions





Practically all the important dynasties that ruled the Kannada country are represented in this Volume of inscriptions.  Though there are no inscriptions here which can be called starting discoveries making us radically alter our existing views, there are still some epigraphs, which reveal on close study, some additional information.  Moreover, some of these inscriptions compel us to revise our notions to some extent.  With regard to date, chronology and genealogy in a few cases.  The main points that have been gathered from these 462 inscriptions are given below dynasty-wise.  The section on geographical divisions will given an idea of a large number of such divisions that used to exist in olden days for about five centuries (viz., 9th to 13th in the modern districts of Bijapur, Dharwar, North Kanara, Shimoga and parts of Bellary and Belgaum districts in Mysore State.  Some points of general interest culled from these epigraphs are also touched upon.

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