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Thursday, March 08, 2007


South Indian Inscriptions






This volume in the South Indian Inscriptions Series deals with the epigraphs copied during the year 1903-04.  Most of the records included in it are in Tamil and the majority of them have been edited by Mr. K. G. Krishnan, m.a., Senior Epigraphical Assistant, with the assistance of Mr. K.D. Swaminathan, m.a., and Mr. J. Sundaram, m.a., Epigraphical Assistants, and Pandit V. S. Subramaniam, Siromani, Technical Assistant (Junior), all of my office.  Dr. T. V. Mahalingam of the Madras University, when he was working in the Epigraphic Branch as a trainee, checked the transcripts of a little over one hundred Tamil inscriptions land prepared their introductory notes in English.

The Telugu and Kannada epigraphs included in the volume have been edited by Mr. H. K. Narasimhaswami, B.Sc., Assistant Superintendent for Epigraphy, with the help of Mr. K. H. V. Sarma, m.a., and Mr. B. R. Gopal, m.a., both Epigraphical Assistants in my office.

Inscriptions copied between the years 1887 and 1903 were all published in the first eight volumes of the Series.  The subsequent volumes, however, contain only some of the records copied between 1904 and 1935, the selection of epigraphs being made on a linguistic and dynastic basis.  The present volume contains the as yet unpublished inscriptions copied in 1904.  All the 771 records of that year’s collection have been arranged here serially; but while those published in the other volumes are only mentioned with references full texts of the unpublished epigraphs have been quoted together with a summary of their contents in English.

It is hoped that this volume will be as welcome to scholars interested n the various aspects of South Indian history as the previous volumes of the Series have been. 

     Ootacamund,                                              D. C. SIRCAR,

     24th April, 1957.                              Government Epigraphist for India.

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