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South Indian Inscriptions


Pallva Inscriptions


Important Geographical Divisions mentioned in the Inscriptions


Named after the village Amur in the Chingleput taluk of the Chingleput district included in Jayangondasola-manadalam.


On the north bank of the Pennai.

Avur (No. 236).


In Jayangondasola-mandalam. It was included in Tondai-nadu in the time of Parantaka I (No. 314 of 1906).


There were two subdivisions of this name, the first including roughly the present Tanjore and Lalgudi taluks in the Tanjore and Trichinopoly districts respectively and the other, the Tirukkoyilur taluk of the South Arcot district.


Named after the village Ikkadu in the Tiruvallur taluk of the Chingleput district.


Perumulaiyur (No. 64).


Evidently named after Innambur in the Kumbakonam taluk.

Jananatha-valanadu; see Miladu.


Extended from the Tirukkoyilur taluk (South Arcot district) in the south to the southern portion of the present Nellore district in the north. In the west it extended up to Kalahasti in the Chittoor district. The following divisions were included in it, viz.,

1 Amur-kottam (No. 54)

2 Damar-kottam.

Poygainallur (No. 113).

Palakalam (No. 114).

3 Eyir-kottam (No. 212).

Included Conjeeveram and the surrounding region.

Kanchipuram (No. 169).

Pulvelur (No. 66).

4 Kalattur-kottam (No. 51).

   Named after Kalattur in the Chingleput taluk and district.


Tirukkachchur (No. 187).

Kalattur (No. 51).

Tirukkalukkunram (No. 243).


Tiruvadisulam (No. 183).


Porpondai (No. 97).

5 Kaliyur-kottam.

Comprised portions of Chingleput, Conjeeveram (Chingleput district) and Cheyyar (North Arcot district) taluks.

Kasirampedu-nadu (No. 190).

Kilppudur (No. 102).

Uttaramerur (No. 198).

6 Oyma-nadu.

This is an ancient territorial division mentioned also in Tamil literature. It comprised roughly the Tindivanam and Tirukkoyilur taluks of the South Arcot district. It was also known as Vijayarajaendra-valanadu, evidently called so after the surname ‘Vijayarajendra’ borne by Rajadhiraja I (Ep. Rep. for 1925, p. 82).

Munnur (No. 161).

Kilinelur (No. 47).

7 Puliyur-Kottam.

Evidently named after the village Puliyur in the Saidapet taluk of the Chinglput district. Included the present Saidapet and Ponneri taluk of the Chingleput district. This division was also called Kulottungasola-valanadu (A.R. No. 286 of 1909)

Kunrattur (No. 53).

8 Urrukkattur-kottam.

Arrur-nadu (No. 119)

Palaiyur-nadu (No. 119)

Siyapuram (No. 75)

Tiruvalaundur-nadu (No. 211)

9 Venkunrak-kottam.

The divisions Kaliyur-kottam and Venkunra-kottam were continuous, the former comprising the territory round about the present Uttaramallur in the Conjeeveram taluk and the latter the region surrounding Venkunram in the Wandiwash taluk of the North Arcot district.


There were two divisions called Kulottungasola-valanadu named after the Chola king Kulotltunga-Chola I: one, comprising Puliyur-kottam in the present Chingleput district and, the other, including roughly the modern Kumbakonam taluk in the Tanjore district.

Panaiyur-nadu (No. 148)

Malai-mandalam is the Chera country on the West coast and the people of this tract are frequently met with in inscriptions found outside their territory. They were mostly traders and in this capacity they seem to have gone far into the interior of South India (No. 169).


Merpalugur-nadu (No. 76).


Called also Jananatha-valanadu. Comprised the modern South Arcot and saledm districts.

Kurukkai-kurram (No. 203).

Paranur-kurram (No. 203).

Paranur-kurram (No. 234).

Tirkkovalur (No. 213).


This division dates from the time of Rajaraja I. It included approximately the modern Kumbakonam, Papanasam, Nannilam and Tanjore taluks of the Tanjore district.

Avur-kurram (No. 148).


Comprised he territory round about the present Arkonam, Walajah, Vellore and Gudiyattam taluks of the North Arcot district.

Kavadippakkam (No. 104)

Mangadu-nadu (No. 82).


Kavannur (No. 101).


Included the present Gudur (Nellore district) and Ponneri (Chingleput district) taluks.


Tiruvalangadu (No. 64).


Comprised roughly the present Arni division and Polur and Wandiwash taluks of the North Arcot district.


Kulattur (No. 110)


Named after Pulal in the Saidapet taluk of the Chingleput district.

Pulal-nadu (No. 103).


This division was named after the Chola king Rajadhiraja I and included the region comprised by the present Chidambaram (South Arcot district), Shiyali and Mayavaram (Tanore district) taluks.


                        Ponmendaperumal-mangalam (No. 174).

            Tirumunaippadi Tiruvennainallur-nadu.

                        Tiruvennainallur (No. 194)


                        Tiruppungur (No. 132).


                        Vada Semangalam (No. 201).


                        Volaiyamangalam (No. 211).


It included a portion of Rajadhiraja-valanadu and was evidently called so after the Chola king Rajaraja II. Also known as Nadunilai-nadu (No. 174).


                        Sirringur (I.e.) Siddhalingamadam (No. 207).


                        Jananatha-chaturvedimangalam (No. 141).


                        Rajaraja-chaturvedimangalam, i.e., Brahmadesam (No. 146).


                        Tiruvennainallur (Nos. 140, 141, 195 and 206).


                        Rajaraja-Kulattur, i.e., Pallavarayanpettai (No. 199).

            Vanagoppadi Udaikkadu-nadu.

                        Nerukunram (No. 163).


                        Viruvamattur (No. 196).


Probably named after Singavaram in the Gingee taluk of the South Arcot district. It included Nerkunam (A.R. No. 86 of 1908) and Vedal (A.R. No. 86 of 1908) and Vedal (A.R. No. 76 of 1908) in Wandiwash taluk of the North Arcot district and Tayanur (A.R. No. 360 of 1909) in the Tirukkoyilur taluk of the South Arcot district.

            Kilvali Aruvagur (No. 42).



            Ambar-nadu (No. 176).



                        Kattur (No. 92).


                        Kanjanur (No. 100).


Situated on the southern bank of the Pennai (A.R. Nos. 376 of 1908 and 308 of 1921) and was also known as Rajendrasola-valanadu (A.R. No. 533 of 1921) and Rajendrasimha-valanadu (A.R. No. 517 of 1921).

It was successively included in –

Gangaikondasola-mandalam or valanadu (A.R. Nos. 380 of 1921, 375 of 1908 and 136 of 1933-34),

Jayangondasola-mandalam (A.R.Nos. 393 and 513 of 1921).

Rajaraja-valanadu (A.R.Nos. 414, 423 & 533 of 1921) and

Rajendrasola-valanadu (A.R.No. 393 of 1921).

It included the following subdivisions: -

Anmur-nadu (A.R. No. 380 of 1921).

Arasur-nadu (A.R. No. 414 of 1921).

Aviyanur-nadu (A.R. No. 419 of 1921).

Damar-nadu (A.R. Nos. 371 of 1908 and 382 of 1909).

Emapperur-nadu (A.R. No. 513 of 1921).

Idaiyarru-nadu (No. 147).

Kayavapakkai-nadu (A.R. NO. 31 of 1903).

Kil Amur-nadu (No. 121).

Kudal-nadu (No. 121).

Kurukkai-kurram (A.R. No. 372 of 1908).

Mel-Anmur-nadu (A.R. No. 397 of 1910).

Melur-nadu (A.R. No. 350 of 1902).

Mudiyur-nadu (A.R. No. 189 of 1906).

Panaiyur-nadu (A.R. No. 271 of 1936-37).

Peringur-nadu (A.R. No. 378 of 1909).

Peruganur-nadu (A.R. No. 46 of 1903).

Tiruvennainallur-nadu (A.R.No. 423 of 1921).

The following are some of the villages included in the division: -

Adhirajamangalyapuram (i.e., Tiruvadi) (A.R. No. 380 of 1921).

Arasur (A.R. No. 414 of 1921).

Emapperur (A.R. No. 517 of 1921).

Gramam (A.R. Nos. 189 of 1906 and 736 of 1905)

Kalattur (A.R. No. 371 of 1908)

Kanichchampakkam (A.R. No. 515 of 1921)

Kiliyur (A.R. Nos. 382 and 400 of 1909).

Kudal (Nos. 121 and 124).

Melaip-Panaippakkam (No. 147).

Nalur (A.R. No. 513 of 1921).

Neyvanai (A.R. Nos. 371 and 372 of 1908).

Peringur (A.R. No. 102 of 1906).

Ranadhiramangalam (A.R. No. 419 of 1921).

Tirukkoyilur (A.R. No. 308 of 1921)

Tirumudiyur (A.R. No. 736 of 1905).

Tirunamanallur (S.I.I., Vol. VII, No. 999).

Tiruvamur (A.R. No. 137 of 1933-34).

Tiruvennainallur (A.R. No. 423 of 1921).

Urrukkuruchchi alias Adanur (No. 121).



Tiruchchoginur (No. 43).


Included the region round the present Vedaranyam in the Tanjore district.


Named after the village Uttukkadu in the Conjeeveram taluk of the Chingleput district.


Situated between the rivers Arisil and Kaveri (S.I.I., Vol. II, P. 52).

Pambur-Nadu (No. 224).


Called after the surname ‘Virudarajabhayankara’ of Kulottunga-Chola I. It comprised portions of the present South Arcot and Tanjore districts. Before the time of Kulottunga-Chola I this division was known as Rajaraja-valanadu and Vadakarai Rajendrasola-valanadu (S.I.I., Vol. III, p. 209).

Merka-nadu Irungolappadi-nadu (No. 239).


Senalur (No. 233).


Tirukkodikka (No. 222).

Paruvur-kurram (No. 131).

Ulagalandasola-chaturvedimangalam (No. 184).

            Vriddhachalam (Nos. 131, 192 and 227).

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