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Thursday, October 27, 2005


South Indian Inscriptions





No. 2

(B.K. No. 127 of 1926-27)

Kurtakoti, Gadag Taluk, Dharwar District

On A Slab Set Up Behind The Temple Of Kalamesvara

This undated inscription belongs to the reign of the king Vijayaditya-Satyasraya Prithvivallabha, who bore also the titles: aharajadhiraja, Paramesvara and hatara.  It refers to Loketinimmadi[1] who was governing over Kuruttakumte (i.e., the modern Kurtakoti), and Mupamna who built a big temple (mahadegula) there and made a gift to it.

No. 3

(B.K. No. 198 of 1926-27)

Jakkali, Ron Taluk, Dharwar District

On A Hero-Stone Built Into The Wall Of The House Of Chenabasavva Mathapati Near The Kallmesvara Temple

The Inscription belongs to king Vijayaditya-Bhatara and refers to a raid on the village Jakkilli (i.e., the modern Jakkali) by . . . . . yaditya.  It is incomplete and undated.

No. 4

(B.K. No. 18 of 1928-29)

Aihole, Hungund Taluk, Bijapur District

On A Stone Set Up In Front Of The Jyotirlinga Temple

This damaged and undated inscription belongs to the reign of the king Vikramaditya-Bhatara and mentions Ayyavole (i.e., the modern Aihole).  The writer was Chandradeva.  In the absence of the date it is not possible to assign the epigraph definitely to Vikramaditya I or Vikramaditya II.  Probably it belongs to the latter.

No. 5

(B.K. No. 197 of 1928-29)

Annigeri, Navalgund Taluk, Dharwar District

On A Pillar Set Up In Front Of The Banasankari Temple

The record belongs to the reign of king Kirtivarman II and is dated in the 6th year of his reign.  It commemorates the construction of a chediya (Jain temple) by Kaliyamma, the gamunda of Jebulageri and the erection of a sculpture in front of it by Kondisulara Kuppa alias Kirtivarma-gosasi.  Regarding gosasi, see Ep. Ind. Vol. VI, p. 255.

[1] For a similar name, viz., Revakanimmadi, see Ep. Ind. Vol. VI, pp. 51 n. and 71 and Vol. VII, p. 182 n.  The name Singannimmadigal occurs in No. 357 of the Madras Epigraphical collection for 1903.

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