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Friday, February 23, 2007


South Indian Inscriptions




I. Inscriptions at Mamallapuram

- On the south base of the Shore Temple

- On the north base of the same

- Inside the Shore Temple

II. Inscriptions in the Neighbourhood of Velur 

- On a stone at Arappakkam

- On a stone at Ariyur

- On a stone at Arumbaritti

- On a stone at Sadupperi

- On a stone at Sattuvachcheri

- On a stone at Samanginellur

II(a). Inscriptions on a stone at Perumai 

- On a stone at Sekkanur

- On a rock on the top of the Bavaji Hill

- At the Perumal Temple, Ganganur

- At the Perumal Temple, Sorapuram

- At the Isvara Temple, Tellur

- At the Virupakshesvara Temple, Veppambattu

III. Inscriptions at and near Virinchipuram 

- In the front gopura of the Virinchipuram Temple

- On a stone built into the floor of the Virinchipuram Temple

- On a stone at the south entrance of Virinchipuram

- At the Perumal Temple, Poygai

- At the Isvara Temple, Vakkanapuram

IV. Inscriptions at Tirumalai near Polur

- Rock Inscriptions

- On the walls of a mandapa at the base of the Tirumalai Rock

- In a small shrine below the painted cave

- On the doorway which leads to the painted cave

V. Inscriptions at Padavedu 

- At the Ammaiappesvara Temple

- At the Somanathesvara Temple

VI. Inscriptions of the Kailasanatha Temple at Kanchipuram 

- On pillars in the mandapa in front of the Rajasimhavarmesvara Shrine

- On the floor of the mahamandapa of the same

- On the base of the mandapa in front of the same

- On pillars in the mandapa in front of the same

VI(a). Inscriptions on pillars in the mahamandapa in front of the same



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