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Sunday, March 11, 2007


South Indian Inscriptions



No. 28.

(A. R. No. 331 of  1905.)

Round a  pedestal in front of a Jaina image in the

ruined Jaina temple recently discovered at Danavulapadu,

Jammalamadugu Taluk, Cuddapah District. Undated.

States that a certain Santi put up the sila-pitha during the reign of Nitya-varsha.

No. 29.

(A. R. No. 391 of  1904.)

On a slab lying behind the temple of Gopalakrishnasvami at  Malepadu, Proddatur Taluk, same District.  Undated.

States that during the reign of Nityavarsha, the queen of Vallavaraja and others made a gift of land (?) capable of yielding a certain quantity of rice to the one hundred and eight of Viripariti.  Mentions the names of several persons male and female.






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