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Tuesday, January 23, 2013

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South Indian Inscriptions



  There have been increasing demands in recent years for copies of the Annual Reports on Epigraphy, published in the last two decades of the last and the first half of the present centuries, from scholars and institutions interested in epigraphical studies and research. And these Reports have been long out of print. It was, therefore, decided to bring out reprints of these rare and very useful Reports starting from the initial year 1887 in convenient volumes. The present one, consisting of such Reports for the years 1945-1952 is the eleventh of the reprint series and will be followed in quick succession by others containing Reports for the subsequent years.

   It is hoped that this re-publication will go a long way in sustaining and furthering interest in epigraphical studies. I wish to record here my deep sense of gratitude to Dr. M. S. Nagaraja Rao, Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi, but for whose sympathetic consideration and approval, this useful reprint series would have remained a dream. Shri J. C. Gupta, Production Officer in my Office, has been largely responsible for the preparation of this reprint scheme and also for the actual printing and production.

K. V. Ramesh
Director (Epigraphy)
Archaeological Survey of India
Old University Office Bldgs.,
Mysore-570 005

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